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House Tours

Read more information about each event or activity. To find specifics about the date and time for this year, please see the Events page. 

Buena Vista Barn - 2020 Tile Barn

Duffey United Methodist Church- 2022 Tile Building

H.W. Frye Homeplace

Inn at Lost River and Lost River General Store

Lost River Artisans Cooperative and Lost River Museum

Mount Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church

Old Grant County Court House

South Side Depot

The Dodd House

Wardensville Garden Market- Official Welcome Center

Cullers Run School

Fort Mulligan

Heritage Porch Talks

John Mathias Homestead

Mathias High School of Honor

Mullin Hotel

Presbyterian Church

Stump Cabin

The Jacob Teets House - 2021 Tile House

Davis House

Funkhouser Farm

Hickory Hill

Lee Cabin

McCoy's Grand Theatre

Old Fields Church/Fort Pleasant Meeting House

Robert Higgins House

Tannery House (Circa 1909)

The Williams House/The Parsonage

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