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With the growth of Methodism and movement of the population center from Old Fields, where the first church was constructed at Fort Pleasant, the first Methodist Church was built in Moorefield in 1850 on Elm Street.

The church had an auditorium that seated 200 and a gallery for slaves, who worshiped there until the Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church was formed in 1887.

By 1915, according to a History of Methodism, South Branch Valley, by Daisy Sherman, the congregation had begun planning and raising money for a new church building. The first services were conducted in the new sanctuary in 1922.

Built at an estimated cost of $50,000, the large brick church features stained glass windows of “exquisite shades [that] add the ancient spiritual touch,” as Halterman put it. The main auditorium and youth chapel were built so they could be “thrown together to accommodate more than 500 people.”

It was dedicated in the name of Jeffrey Waite Duffey, the son of tavern owner John Duffey. A Confederate Civil War veteran with McNeill’s Rangers, he was the first Moorefield man to enter the Methodist ministry.

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Location: Corner of Winchester Avenue and Elm Street, Moorefield.

Duffey United Methodist Church