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Thinking about buying a historical property of your own? Thinking about “coming home” to Hardy County? We encourage you to contact any of these fine real estate businesses to make your dream a reality.


Lost River Real Estate

8079 SR 259 Suite B, Lost River

(304) 897 6971


Old Dominion Realty

712 N. Main Street #103, Moorefield

(304) 530 4400


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Event Applications

Please feel free to download these applications for our 2021 Heritage Weekend events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with downloading or have any questions! Thank you for your participation in the 68th Annual Heritage Weekend!

Consider Donating to Heritage Weekend

Please consider donating funds or your time to help sustain this celebration of history.

Earlier this year, the Hardy County Tour and Crafts Association awarded three grants to local community organizations as a way to distribute proceeds from the Heritage Weekend celebration. The grant recipients and the projects they will help fund are:

Hardy County Public Library

Lost River Education Foundation

McNeill’s Rangers 


Thank you to all who have attended Heritage Weekend events and whose patronage contributed to these worthy programs.