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Trout Run School

Open Satureday and Sunday

Trout Run School was a two-room school open from 1922 until 1952 when buses became available and small local schools to which children could walk were consolidated in towns. The school is close to the Virginia line on Trout Run Road 3.5 miles south of Wolf Gap Recreational Area, about 10 miles from Wardensville.
Trout Run school is a wood-frame structure with a bright red foundation and a blue tin roof. In 1921 local families sold an acre and a half to the Hardy County Board of Education for $35 to establish a school in Perry, WV. Construction shortly thereafter resulted in a single room that was divided down the middle into boys’ and girls’ sides. The ceiling is 14 feet high and there are 12 six-foot windows across the back side of the building. For the next 30 years, the school served grades one through eight. Students then went on to high school in Wardensville.
For 7 months each year, school started at 8:55 and ended at 4. Classes included art, arithmetic, civics, English, geography, health, history, science, and scripture. Students had access to extracurricular activities through 4-H and Junior Red Cross, several clubs, and class parties. The school also served as an unofficial community center.
Now owned by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Trout Run School has become one of
many cabins available for rent to the club’s members. Its history and silvan surroundings draw
outdoor enthusiasts to the area’s scenery, culture, and great people.
Open Courtesy of Lee Howard and Thomas Jorgenson
Directions: From 259 out of Wardesnville, take Trout Run Road and go exactly 10 miles. The school building is on the Right, ½ mile past the Perry Zoo. 9952 Trout Run Road Wardensville

Trout Run School
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