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Trout Run School

The Trout Run School was built in 1920 as a one room school house. The school still has the original floor, cupboards, and the school bell. The land the school is built on was deeded to Hardy County for $35 from the John and Julie Hisheman Family. Miss Terzah Heishman taught at the school from 1933 till it was closed in 1952. At the time of its closing, the school had 439 library books. Several sir names familiar to Hardy County of students who attended the school are; Heishman, Rudy, and Myers.
One or two room schools were wonderful places in their day; many times they were the only gathering place besides the area church. The teacher usually arrived before the students so he or she could build a fire in the stove and take the chill off because many of the students had to walk in the cold to get there. Sometimes, if they were lucky the teacher put a pot of stew on that stove and a hot lunch was had by all, but for the most part children brought their own. There were usually Christmas parties and plays put on by the students. The children and the teacher spent many hours getting ready for such events. Recess was another wonderful time for the children, in fact it is rumored that the Trout Run School had the first organized soft ball team in Hardy County. There was also games like red rover, hide and seek, jump rope, and other games that only required imagination.
The school was sold to the Trout Run Sportsman Club in 1954 and in 1965 became a private residence as a weekend home. In 1976 Rita and Paul Marth purchased the school and have taken care of it ever since. At some point, they put in loft and bedroom area and a bathroom. The original roof of the school blew off during a storm in 1997 and thus a new roof was installed. The current owners reside in Tacoma MD, come in on the weekends to enjoy the peace and quiet of our rural surrounding.
Open courtesy of Rita and Paul Marth
Directions: From 259 out of Wardesnville, take Trout Run Road and go exactly 10 miles. The school building is on the Right, ½ mile past the Perry Zoo.

Trout Run School
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