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Old Stone Tavern

Photo by Albert Mach
The Old Stone Tavern is one of the oldest buildings from un-coursed fieldstone still standing. In one of the oldest towns in West Virginia, incorporated in 1777, this house was added to the National Register of Historical Sites in 1979.
Thomas Parsons set about construction of the stone section of the house in the late 1780’s. It was noted that this was one of the finest building in town until well after 1800. It combined ruggedness with finer symmetrical details and featured large rooms, a wide stairwell, and well-designed basement fireplace.
As with most of houses of this era, as the family and the wealth grew, needs changed and additions we added to the home. The frame units were added around 1840, 1860, and 1900. The front porch is an outstanding feature, and it is complemented by a bracketed cornice in the original stone house. A separate cinder-block apartment placed at the rear of the house has been added more recently. The addition of the bay and stained glass transoms, and the alterations to the doors and windows, carried the stone section into the 20th century in style.
The passage of this house from one prominent business person to another through the years demonstrated the continuity of the business community in Moorefield and the association with this house. Lawrence Sherman’s law firm now occupy several rooms of the building.
Open courtesy of The Sherman Law Firm, Lawrence Sherman, owner
Directions: 117 Main Street

Old Stone Tavern
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