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Funkhouser Farm

Open Saturday Only

The log cabin was built by Henry Funkhouser who was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Henry was a descendant of emigrants that migrated to America from Switzerland in the 1700’s. Henry acquired two tracts of 67 and 17 acres in a little cove between Little Ridge and Ruddles Run between 1845 and 1850.
This is the original log cabin with minor restorations in the 1900’s. The cabin was built of hewn logs joined with V notches. The piers and chimney are made of field stone. Cabin was just a two story two room house until 1900 when full front porch was partially enclosed to make a kitchen to replace separate summer kitchen. Around the same time, wood shingled roof was replace by metal roof and Acme Hummer wood cooking stove was purchased. As best as known the barn was built around 1880.

Henry and his wife Mary Link raised nine children in the cabin, some were born in Shenandoah County and some were born after living in cabin. Their youngest son Eli and his wife Caroline Bott raised 13 children at the cabin. They were the last parents to raise a family here.
Roy Funkhouser (12th child of Eli) moved back to cabin after Eli’s death in 1936 to take care of his mother. He lived in the cabin for the rest of his life. After his mother Caroline died in 1954, Roy was the last person to live in the cabin full time. After Roy’s death in 1980, he left the house and land to the Baker United Methodist Church.

A year later, Dr. Funkhouser( Eli’s grandson)was bound and determined to get the home place back in family hands so he attended the estate public auction on May 9, 1981.He purchased cabin and land for $64,000. After the purchase of the property Dr. James Funkhouser was determine to restore family home for the family as well as future generations. With determination and help of friends and relatives, Dr. Funkhouser started more than 20 year journey to restore Funkhouser Farm. This was capped off in 2001 when the cabin, barn, root cellar, and family cemetery were placed on the National registry of Historic Places. So except for 1 year, the property has been owned by Funkhouser family for around 170 years.
Only modernizations to original cabin are electricity and phone.

Besides Dr. James Funkhouser, major contributors to the project were: Jeffrey Funkhouser (James son), Gary Funkhouser, Shawn Funkhouser, Kevin Funkhouser, Rusty Lineberg, Pam Lineberg, and Paul Colberg. Along with support from many other family members.

Open courtesy of Jeff Funkhouser

Directions: Go two miles south of Baker of RT 259 to Grover Smith Road. Turn right. When the road comes to fork, bear right to Funkhouser Rd. Farm is 100 yard on left.

Funkhouser Farm
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