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Barn Quilt Trail


What is a Barn Quilt?
A barn quilt square is a colorful, decorative quilt block painted on wood and hung on a barn, commercial building, church, school, or other construction with a large blank wall. Its size depends on the surface area and hanging location.

Why a quilt trail in Hardy County?
Barn Quilt Squares enhance the cultural experience of those who live in and visit the county. Barn Quilt Trails are cooperative efforts to share a visible rural heritage and encourage visitors to see different parts of the county in different ways.

We invite you to join the Hardy County Barn Quilt Trail!
Hardy County already has more than a dozen Quilt Squares up. We hope to have more and to eventually connect with other trails in the Potomac Highlands. Do you have a barn or business that faces the road or other public location that would lend itself to displaying a Barn Quilt Square? Would you like to know more about this project and the process of getting a Barn Quilt Square? Or perhaps to learn to paint one? Follow us on Facebook at Hardy County Barn Quilts.
Or contact Kathy Kavanagh at 304.897.5250 or

During Heritage Weekend be sure to check out the Barn Quilt books at the visitor centers.

Barn Quilt Trail
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