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Barn Quilt Trail


The Lost River Educational Foundation sponsors the Hardy County Barn Quilt Trail Project. Hanging painted wooden Barn Quilts squares or rectangles on buildings along the byways and highways throughout the county increases interest in our region’s rich culture and history. They help visualize our Appalachian Heritage, acknowledge the contributions or rural women and their quilts, and provide eye-catching and attractive images for visitors to the county.
The Barn Quilt Trail phenomenon has grown in popularity around West Virginia, as well as in other states and countries. In Hardy County, the original funding for the project came through grants from the Hardy County Tour and Craft Association and the Hardy County Community Foundation. Additionally, the Hardy County Convention and Visitors Bureau offers four grants each year to assist individuals to hang a Barn Quilt on their building- which does not have to be a barn. Tri-County Tool Rentals in Moorefield assists with equipment for hanging the quilt squares. The painting, installation, and organizational work is done by volunteers.
The project has been around for several years, and people see how much Barn Quilts contribute to continued efforts to enhance our already lovely county. A trail map is available for locating existing quilts. Information is available about how to participate by commissioning a quilt square, getting a square you made on the trail map, and learning how to paint your own quilt square. We would love to have you join us! Contact Kathy Kavanagh at 304-897-5250

Barn Quilt Trail
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