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Sponsors Needed for 2015 Heritage Weekend

The Hardy County Tour & Craft Association is underway planning the 2015 Heritage Weekend. This will be the 62st year for this event that is treasured in the hearts of many in Hardy County. As the ONLY county wide fair or festival in the state, we are proud to be given the opportunity to help history and heritage thrive in our community, year after year. For many years our non-profit organization has thrived on grants from the State of West Virginia to put on our annual event. We would receive grants for advertising and for the general costs of the event. As the years have gone on, we have seen less and less of this money come in. For the last two years we received no grant funding to help offset our advertising costs to promote the weekend.

We strive to promote the event in order to let people outside of our local area know about the beauty and culture of Hardy County. We feel that when people come here they fall in love and will come back time and time again. The economy of our community thrives when tourism is on the rise. But more importantly, we also strive to accomplish the goals that the Hardy County Tour & Craft Association was created to do: Promote history and culture of our state and local area, raise money for the Hardy County Public Library, and give money to other historical buildings and locations in our area to help preserve them for future generations.

Event sponsorship is a critical component of a company’s marketing plan. Sponsorship is a direct channel of communication and it reaches people in an environment that matches their lifestyle. With Heritage Weekend as one of the greatest traditions of Hardy County, and dear to so many of our community members, what better way to show folks that Heritage Weekend means something to you too! Consider being a sponsor of the 62nd Annual Heritage Weekend and help us to keep history and heritage alive in Hardy County!

Last year the donations we received helped us to put together the annual Heritage Weekend Booklet and promote the event in many ways. We appreciate your ongoing support of our event as a community, and cannot express our thanks enough. We have several sponsorship opportunities that will enable you to help support Heritage Weekend. No amount of support is too small! If you would like to discuss how you can become a sponsor please contact Kris Sticker, 2015 Chairperson, at 304.257.6192 or Ashley Anderson, Event Coordinator and Media Specialist, at 304.668.2015 or email

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