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Heritage Weekend Tile 2021

Jacob Teets House

Heritage Weekend Tile 2021

The house was built in 1903 by Jacob Teets as the main house for his 1200 acre farm. Teets farmed this property until he passed away and his estate was broken up and sold. This was during the Great Depression so the land did not fetch a high price. In 1926 Raymond and Pearl Tusing purchased the farm house and 330 acres of land for only $1,500. They developed the area into a working farm for themselves and their five children. They raised cattle, sheep, hogs, and had three poultry houses on the property.
There was no running water, indoor plumbing, or insulation in the house. Mrs. Tusing cooked and baked using an old southern comfort wood stove. After Mr. & Mrs. Tusing both passed away in the mid 1980’s the house sat empty.

In 2004, Michael Tusing, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Tusing, bought out other family members shares of the estate and gained the house in the acquisition. In October 2012, Michael, and wife Nicole, began remodeling the home place so that they could live there with their family. Nicole, with a keen eye for design and a love for the country, was eager to begin this large project. They removed the rock foundation and raised the house in order to pour a concrete foundation. In an effort to preserve as much of the original home as possible, the stone from the foundation was used in the landscaping of the house. Then they added a modern addition to the home which includes a dining room, two bathrooms, a mud room, and three closets. They had to fully insulate the home and rewire the entire house. A full length back porch was added to the house and the front porch was reconstructed to replicate the original. All of the lumber used on this house both when it was first built and in this remodel project was cut from the property. A custom made stain glassed “T” adorns the top window in the home, which sets off the beautifully restored fretwork, or gingerbread trim.

In restoring the home, many “treasures” were found that are significant to the Tusing family history. These items are now displayed throughout the home, including drawings by Raymond Tusing.

Directions: From State Route 259, turn onto Kimsey Run Road and follow it until the end. Turn Left onto Dove Hollow Road and go 1.2 miles. The house is on the left hand side of the road.

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