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Heritage Weekend Tile 2015

The Inn at Abbott Farm

Heritage Weekend Tile 2015

Also known as the Dr. B.F. Moyers Farmstead, construction started on the Folk Victorian farmhouse in 1890 and was completed by 1910. This completion also included all 11 of the outbuildings including, the Doctor’s office, carriage house, chicken houses, and a summer kitchen. All of the original buildings are still on the property and being put to great use by the current owners, who purchased the property in 2012. They have worked hard to restore the property to its original state and have taken great pride in their labors.

The house was the first home in Mathias to have electricity and the carriage house was also the home to the first fire truck in Mathias. When the truck was purchased in the 1950’s there was no fire station, so it was housed in the carriage house.

Location: 141 Upper Cove Run Road, Mathias

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