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Heritage Weekend Tile 2013

Joshua Miller House

Heritage Weekend Tile 2013

The Joshua Miller House is a treasure nestled on Cullers Run Road in Mathias. This beautiful home was built in 1896 by Lewis Loury whose family occupied the home until 1923 when it was purchased by Brown & Stella Stultz. After their passing in the 1960s, the home was passed to their daughter, Jesse Stultz Turner. The current owner, Joshua Miller, round this home tucked away in the wildness of Hardy County during a hiking trip to the area.

The house was initially built on a stone foundation, but in the 1940's they removed the stone, poured a footer and laid a block foundation that remains today. The fret work, or gingerbread trim, on the house is all original, as well as the hardwood floors, window sills and jambs.

In addition to the house the property also boasts an original springhouse and meat house. Just a few yards away, along the main road is another historic property on Miller's estate. The St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is also owned by Miller and has been restored into a workshop.

Directions: From Route 259, about 1.6 miles south of Mathias, take Crab Run Road. After 1.3 miles turn right onto Cullers Run Road. The house and church are located at 460 Cullers Run Road.

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