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Heritage Weekend Tile 2009


Heritage Weekend Tile 2009

This house is on a 412 acre Lord Fairfax land grant made in 1750 and surveyed by George Washington. The original grant was done on sheepskin. The L shaped house was build by Angus M. Wood in 1848, a great grandfather of William A. Wood. The home has been occupied by the Wood family since its construction. Lumber for the home was cut and sawed on the farm, bricks were made on premise, and the roof was covered with imported German block tin. The walls are either solid brick, or 1x6 boards, laid flat. Yellow poplar siding completed the outside while the inside walls are faced with split lath and heavy plaster made of sand and lime.

The front door faces West toward Lost River, and what used to be valley road. The dining room contains a secret trap door int he floor. The small room below is where food and valuables were hidden from Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Leading to the outside porch from the kitchen and dining rooms are two laminated doors, designed to stop Indian arrows. The first house on this property stood about 30 feet south of the present one. It was a log dwelling with a walled well nearby. A separate structure housed slaves.

Location: Two miles south of Lost River on SR 259. Entrance to driveway is across from the Lost River Grille. The large white house is visible from the road.

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