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Heritage Weekend Tile 2004

McCoys Grand Theater

Heritage Weekend Tile 2004

For more than half a century, McCoy’s Grand Theatre operated continuously as a show place for movies and live performances. Restored and modernized, the structure serves as a home to community theater productions and live musical performances. Just as Eunice McCoy wished.

James Curtis and Eunice McCoy built the theater in 1927 and opened it on February 16, 1928 with a showing of “Wife Savers,” a slapstick comedy. From that opening day Eunice McCoy dedicated her life to keeping the McCoy alive. Declining health forced her to close the theater’s doors in 1982, just a few months before her death at age 82.

Mrs. McCoy left the bulk of her estate to restore the theater. Additional financial assistance from the state and generous donations from private individuals restored the 209-seat theater’s interior, replaced the seating and added a modern sound system. A dedication performance by Percussion 80 of West Virginia University brought the theater back to life on May 27, 1988. A new heating and cooling system completed the restoration in 2004.

Location: 110 North Main Street, Moorefield.

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