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Heritage Weekend Tile 1996

Rosedale House

Heritage Weekend Tile 1996

Rosedale was built in 1845 by George Casey Harness, a prominent landowner in Hardy County, as a wedding present for one of his daughters, Anne Rebecca Harness and her husband James Kuykendall. George had another daughter, Mary Katherine whose marriage to John Francis Williams he disapproved of. It wasn't until George Harness' death that Mrs. Harness built Mary Katherine and her husband the large brick home that sits along Main Street close to Rosedale (The Parsonage/Williams House).

The early Victorian style Rosedale stayed in the ownership of the descendants of George Harness until 1979 when it was purchased by Roy and Bonnie Haggerty. Renovations have continued over the years in an effort to restore Rosedale to its original beauty. Although several additions have been made, historic authentic has been kept in mind.

Rosedale, a two story. L-shaped home, features three staircases with one gracefully climbing all the way from the main floor to the attic.

When electricity first came to the Moorefield area, Rosedale was only partially wired. Two bedrooms in the back part of the home didn't have wiring installed. It was believed that these two rooms were used as a nursery and a bedroom for a servant, since ceiling are lower in these rooms.

Charred beams on the back porch indicate that Rosedale suffered a small fire believed to have occurred around 1920, most like from hot sparks that blew up under the porch, igniting the beams.

The romantic Rosedale, painted in shades of rose, is reminiscent of the grace and charm of “yesterday” in the old town of Moorefield.

Location: 216 N. Main St. Moorefield

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