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Heritage Weekend Tile 1991

Bowen House

Heritage Weekend Tile 1991

Between 1824 and 1887, the log building was used as a tavern. The first owner probably was John Lewis, but it was best known as Duffey's Tavern after John W. Duffey, who bought the property in 1853.

Duffey sold the property in 1887, dividing the building into two parcels and creating and ally that ran through what had been the barroom. Dr. Bowen, who two years earlier had moved his medical practices to Moorefield from Stephens City Va, took the southern portions for his home. Dr. Bowen also bought a building directly south for his medical practice and drug store. That build was later torn down and replaced with M.A. Bean's Hardware, now Hardman's Hardware.

After Dr. Bowen's death from apoplexy in 1908, his wife, Lulu, used the home for a classroom for six years. The space is now commercial.

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