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Heritage Weekend Tile 1978


Heritage Weekend Tile 1978

Ingleside, a Scottish word meaning “fireside” was bought from the original builder before its completion by Judge J. W. F Allen, a Moorefield attorney and circuit judge. He moved into the completed structure in 1842 and lived there until his death in 1875. Although not always occupied, it remained in the Allen family for the next 65 years.

Ingleside is built in the Greek Revival Style, which began with public buildings in Philadelphia in 1820, and quickly became popular for residences. With its symmetrical shape, columns and pediments, the style mimicked Greek temples and was thought by Americans at the time to embody the concept of Democracy. From 1830 to 1850, nearly every new public or private building incorporated some Greek Revival elements. In order to replicate the look of marble, Greek Revival homes were almost always painted white.

Ingleside was restored by Judge Allen’s descendant, aviation pioneer and journalist C. B. Allen and his wife, Margaret. More recently, former owner, William H. Bean, a Moorefield attorney, and present owner, Jacqueline Wilson have continued the restoration and updating of the house.

A portion of the original structure had to be removed during the restoration by the Allen’s, but the main house remains intact, showing its elegant woodwork and style. A dramatic circular staircase dominates the foyer.

Directions: From Moorefield, take Winchester Avenue; turn right on South Fork Road. Ingleside is located approximately ¾ mile on the left.

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