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Wardensville Jail

Experience the ambiance of the Wardensville Jail, enjoyed by prisoners from 1930 through the 1950’s. Not many towns could boast of a jail where families kept in touch with a captive relative during a leisurely stroll down Main Street.
Prior to its use as a jail, John Cline, Sr. and his son C.H. Cline used the building as a blacksmith shop from the 1830’s until 1895.
Wardensville was founded in 1832. A map of that ownership of town lots shows Lot 2, the location of the jail and the white house next to it, as having been owned by John Cline, Sr. The lot is still in the Cline family.
The original structure was built as dressed stone, held together with lime mortar. The rear section collapsed years ago but the front section remains secure enough for prisoners even today. Since the windows were handy for friends to pass a bottle, prisoners often came out drunker than when put in.
Open Courtesy of Dencil Cline and Sissy Harrison
Location: On West Main Street, to the right of 164 West Main Street, Wardensville
Photo by Albert Mach

Wardensville Jail
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