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St. Peter Lutheran Church

Open Saturday and Sunday The first Lutheran congregation in Wardensville was formed by Pastor John Hamilton on April 18, 1840. The early years of the church were difficult.

Most Hardy County residents were loyal to the Southern cause during the Civil War. When Union troops marched through town, the Rev. Peter Miller and members of the congregation gave themselves as hostages to insure the good conduct of the townspeople and prevent soldiers from burning the town, according to a church history.

Services were held in the Old Union Church until 1870 when a new brick church was built under the direction of Rev. Miller. The church collapsed in 1934 while the back wall was being repaired due to the deterioration of the handmade bricks. Records indicate that the wall collapsed while the workers were at lunch. Thus, lives were spared. There are still those who recall the tremendous noise, dust and dirt that filled the street.

Rev. L.B. Williamson directed the construction of a new church of native sandstone obtained from the Winfred Tharp property. Church members contributed labor and materials, holding total costs to $8,000.
St. Peter congregation is part of the Capon North River Lutheran Parish, which consists of Hebron Church at Yellow Springs, Ebenezer Church at Rio and Fairview Lutheran Church at Gore, Va.

Open courtesy of St. Peter Lutheran congregation

Location: 60 West Main Street, Wardensville.

St. Peter Lutheran Church
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