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Dakota Glass Blowing Demonstrations

Studio Manager Byron Gaylord will demonstrate glassblowing both Saturday, and Sunday from 7 am - 3 pm with youth staff, known as Junior Crew, in mold blowing techniques, which honors the traditional West Virginia glass blowing process of utilitarian designs and functioning pieces.

Dakota Glass Works is the new state-of-the-art glassblowing studio in the heart of Wardensville Main Street. The facility will offer community-based teaching and skills development to promote and preserve the ancient art form of glassblowing and expose its transferable life skills to local Appalachian youth and the community. In addition to teaching those new to the craft, they hope that Dakota Glass Works will become an artistic hub, hosting artists worldwide to foster creativity, growth, and new ideas. Dakota Glass Works is the latest project of Farms Work Wonders, an award-winning food, farm, and arts-based nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to ignite the spark of curiosity within Appalachian youth, so they see themselves and their futures in new and exciting ways.

A free event! Located at 273 E Main St, Wardensville WV 26851

Dakota Glass Blowing Demonstrations
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