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Heritage Weekend Tile 2018

The Paskel House

Heritage Weekend Tile 2018

Charles Wesley and Alice O. Paskel purchased 21 acres on “the east side of South Fork Road” on Town Hill in October of 1907. In 1910, the Paskels built a simple four-over-four, two story wood frame house overlooking the town of Moorefield. A one-story front porch ran the length of the house while the back of the house featured a two-story porch. The driveway curved up from South Fork Road and circled the house. Assorted farm buildings and a garden dotted the hillside behind the house.

Charles W. Paskel held many jobs, including town jailer, Justice of the Peace, saddle maker, farmer and he frequently auctioneered local estate auctions. Charles’ harness and saddle shop was located ‘under the hill’ at the intersection of South Fork Road and Paskell Hill, in the area of the former American Woodmark gravel parking lot.

The Paskels lived out their lives on the hill that would bear their name, Paskel’s Hill. Charles died in 1929 and his widow, Alice died in 1935. Their daughter, Fannie, who never married and lived with her parents, inherited the house and farm. Fannie lived in the house until she was in her late 70’s. Aged and infirmed, Fannie was no longer able to made decisions concerning her estate so special commissioners were required to handle her affairs. The commissioners sold the Paskel home place on July 2, 1959 to Ralph J. Bean and Donald Baker. These enterprising men took the 21 acre farm and created Moorefield’s first subdivision called “Confederate Hills”.

Allen and Harriet Hazard purchased the Paskel house and two additional lots in 1961. Mr. Hazard was president of Boise Cascade Cabinets (now American Woodmark). To accommodate their family, the Hazards increased the size of the house by adding a large one story addition to what was once the front of the house and turning the back of the house into the new front entrance. The second-floor porch was enclosed to create additional living space. Moorefield’s first in-ground pool was installed just off the one-story addition in the early 1960’s.

The Hazards sold the property to Allen and Hope Rexrode in 1975. For the next 27 years, the Rexrode family called Paskel Hill their home.

Mike Crites and Larry Curtis purchased the Paskel house in 2002. The house has undergone many renovations including the repositioning of the front door for the third time in the history of the house, replacing the staircase and replacing the original slate roof as well. A 1780’s log kitchen was added to the property in 2010.

Directions: 114 Paskell Hill Drive, Moorefield

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