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White Star Building

Open Saturday and Sunday

This building has been many things throughout the years, starting as a dry-goods store in 1906 and then serving as a barbershop, boardinghouse, bank, pool hall, beer joint and hunting lodge over the decades. Harrison Riley Orndoff built the building, and it has gone in and out of Orndoff family hands. Polly and Bill Orndoff (parents of the current owner) ran it as the White Star from 1954 to 1968.

As Star Mercantile, it has been returned to its authentic beginnings as a general store-of-all-trades, with residential apartments on the second floor. Most folks who’ve grown up in Wardensville remember being a kid in the Star, sipping on a milkshake, buying penny candy and playing pinball. Now it's a home to light food fare and gifts of all kinds, with its signature "Big Chicken" across the street drawing in passers-by for selfies.

Stop in during Heritage Weekend and enjoy some local storytelling!

Open Courtesy of John and Betsy Sayers
Located at: 80 West Main Street, Wardensville

White Star Building
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