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Waters Edge Farm Vineyard

Water Edge Farm Vineyard, owned by Steve and Lucy Fisher West, is the vineyard for their winery, West-Whitehill Winery. It is located on the historic Fisher family farm, Water Edge Farm, located on River Road in Fisher. This farm has been in the family for generations and was first settled in 1734, partitioned from the original Lord Fairfax grant land. Though the family’s historic farmhouse was destroyed by fire nearly 20 years ago, members of the Fisher family still live on the property.
The vineyard, which grows three types of grapes for the winery, is approximately 4.5 acres and is situated adjacent to an old orchard and is the site of frequent arrowhead findings. It is now managed by Steve’s daughter, Amanda West, who has replanted and revitalized the vineyard. At your visit, you will be able to view the vineyard, see how grapes are grown in our West Virginia climate, ask questions about the property, and taste some of the wines that come from the grapes.
Open courtesy of the West Family
Directions: The vineyard is located at 1284 River Road, Fisher, WV 26818.
Turn onto Vineyard Lane driveway from River Road, then turn left onto gravel driveway, leading to vineyard.

Waters Edge Farm Vineyard
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