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The Joy Retreat

Photo by Albert Mach
The view from the third floor tower room of the 117 year old Joy Retreat (formerly the Mullins-Reid House) extends up and down Virginia Avenue. Built in 1895, this home was originally occupied by the J.M. Mullins family until the Reid family purchased the home in the early 1900s. The property became a staple of Petersburg with its Victorian style appearance and gingerbread trim. Located among several 19th century homes and buildings, it is part of what was then, Petersburg’s “ritzy” residential area.
Once transformed into four apartments the Joy Retreat has recently undergone extensive renovations through the effort of the Joy Retreat Senior Housing to return it to its former splendor.
Several original features of the house have been saved during the renovation. In one room, the original widen mantle, complete with a mirror remains and in another room, an antique “franklin Stove” fireplace insert has been retained. The beautiful stained glass window above the front door is original.
The Joy Retreat serves several needs. Part of the house provides office space and other areas of the house are for community organizations. Some of the rooms have been returned to the Victorian era appearance, complete with wallpaper and furnishings.
Open courtesy of Joy Retreat Senior Housing
Directions: 105 Virginia Ave, Petersburg

The Joy Retreat
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