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The Farmhouse and General Store at Peru

The Peru (pronounced Pea-Rew) store has been a presence along the South Fork Valley for over 100 years. This valley has a long history of stores, mills, post offices, schools and churches every few miles. The farmhouse and the store construction were consigned to Zirk Family builders by owners Mr. Ed Parsons and his wife, Clara Judy Parsons. Guests to the farmhouse always enjoy the lovely hand carved staircase of the farmhouse. The backdrop of the mountains makes for a wonderful and beautiful setting.
From the early 1900s and into the 1950s, this building operated as a post office and general store. A booming place in the 1920s, a narrow gauge “dinky” railroad ran along the river from Moorefield to Brandywine, supporting a busy timber industry.
During the devastating flood of 1985, this store, originally located near the bridge, floated to higher ground to the field between the present location and the river. In July 2010 it was moved again and gradually repaired. Most of the building is original. It was reopened in April 2015.
The building was restored by local and caring carpenters, painters, plumbers and electricians who have their own stories about their times in and around Peru. The farmhouse will also be open and boasts a hand carved, curved stairway.
Open courtesy of Tom and Mary Burgess
Location: 111 Peru Hollow Road, Moorefield WV 18.3 miles from Hardy County Library

The Farmhouse and General Store at Peru
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