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Rosedale (Garden Only)

Open Saturday Only

Heritage Weekend first began as a home and garden tour 62 years ago. We are pleased to revisit the garden portion of the tour by welcoming guests to the beautiful gardens surrounding Rosedale. We welcome visitors to wander through them at their leisure.

The garden has a calming affect perfect for a few moments of solitude or togetherness on a busy weekend. Search for a favorite flower, discover and inviting bench to enjoy, or expect to find Alice and the Mad Hatter at tea and emerge refreshed for more weekend ahead. After all, that’s what gardens are for.

While the house is not open, visitors are invited to stroll the grounds and enjoy the green thumb of present owner, Mrs. Bonnie Haggerty.

Rosedale was built in 1845 by George Casey Harness, a prominent landowner in Hardy County, as a wedding present for one of his daughters.

The romantic Rosedale, painted in shades of rose, is reminiscent of the grace and charm of “yesterday” in the old town of Moorefield.

Open courtesy of Bonnie Haggerty

Location: 216 N. Main St. Moorefield

Photo by Albert Mach

Rosedale (Garden Only)
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