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Heritage Porch Talks

Heritage Porch Talks
Saturday & Sunday
Free Event!

Try a new way to experience Heritage Weekend by visiting the following historic homes for a "heritage porch talk." Throughout Heritage Weekend, several homeowners will be giving talks about the history of their homes.

Saturday, September 24th
Lobb House- 212 Winchester Ave, Moorefield- 10am & 2pm
Sunnyside- 307 Winchester Ave, Moorefield- 10:30am & 2:30pm
Garrett VanMeter House- 383 Sycamore Bridge Rd., Old Fields- 10am & 1pm
Ann VanMeter House- 188 Sycamore Bridge Rd., Old Fields- 10:30am & 1:30pm
The Friddle House- 125 N Main St, Moorefield- 11am & 1pm

Sunday September 25th
The Willows- 1201 The Willows Lane (off of Cold Springs Road), Moorefield- 2pm & 3pm

Heritage Porch Talks
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