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Baker's Chapel United Methodist Church

Open Saturday and Sunday

Before the brick structure now known as Baker’s Chapel was a reality, the Spirit of God had moved in the hearts of a group of believers at the small community of Durgon, WV. They were being called to give of themselves in order to provide a central place of worship.

The earliest recorded ministers were Samuel Register (1871-1873) and William Wade (1874-1875). Engraved on a stone at the entrance to the Chapel is the date 1880. Prior to that date, Reverend W. H. Wilson and Reverent George Zimmerman were preaching and baptizing in homes and in the Baker Schoolhouse, which was located beside the present building site.

A deed recorded in the Moorefield Courthouse shows that on February 16, 1882, William Baker and his wife Mary E. Baker, deeded a lot, upon which a brick church stood, to seven trustees. The oldest church register had a roll of names under the heading “Baker’s Appointment” entered by Reverend Sydnor G. Ferguson in 1881. Thus, the Baker’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church had its beginning.

Sunday School classes were held outside in summer and in the sanctuary during the winter until the 1940’s when four rooms were added. Later a vestibule and bell tower enhanced the beauty of the Chapel. As the community and congregation began to expand, the need arose for a new fellowship hall and facilities. The years 1980-81 were a challenge to the people of Baker’s Chapel. Major renovations were planned and completed. The sanctuary was enlarged, and new Sunday school rooms were added. On November 11, 1981, an electrical fire threatened to destroy the building so recently renovated. Surrounded by the quiet beauty of the countryside, Baker’s Chapel has stood the test of time for over a century.

Open courtesy of the Baker’s Chapel Congregation

Directions: 6824 Hwy 220, Moorefield

Baker's Chapel United Methodist Church
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